BIG3 FUTURE: White / Obsidian Black
BIG3 FUTURE: White / Obsidian Black
BIG3 FUTURE: White / Obsidian Black
BIG3 FUTURE: White / Obsidian Black
BIG3 FUTURE: White / Obsidian Black

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BIG3 FUTURE: White / Obsidian Black

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Basketball Size:6.5

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BIG3 FUTURE Double-Layer Engine Drive: Featuring a White/Black colorway, with Qu!kCQTECH midsole for responsiveness, SOAR PLATE for energy, and Qu!kFLAMECQT foam for comfort. Enjoy breathability and stability with C!LK tech. Secure fit with MORPHIT lacing. Elevate your game with the Nikola Jokić collaboration!


Consisting of Qu!kCQTECH midsole (upper layer), SOAR PLATE (between the two layers), and Qu!kFLAMECQT foam (bottom layer), the double-layer engine drive provides more powerful propulsion.

The Qu!kCQTECH midsole is higher in responsiveness, accumulating more energy for pushing forward. The SOAR PLATE not only boosts energy for explosive movements, but also provides great support for quick start. The QU!KFLAME foam delivers extra comfort under heel, assisting in better cushioning and energy return.


The carbon-fiber plate, also known as SOAR PLATE, is designed in the shape of a fork for better force transmission under forefoot palm, which increases the preciseness of forefoot movements and therefore, ensures explosive propulsion when start.


With C!LK technology, the carbon-fiber woven upper incorporates intertwined special yarns to enhance stability and breathability, and meanwhile, offering a lightweight feel. The low-cut design and 5mm heel-toe drop makes the shoe low-to-ground, providing great court feel.


The MORPHIT lacing system ensures great lockdown while enhancing flexibility. It also facilitates easier adjustments with larger binding area, which contributes to an improved mid-foot feel that enhances overall comfort and fit.


Made of rubber, the outsole is grippy in performance and durable for long-time play, suitable for sudden stop, quick start, and all-direction movements. The large side TPU extending from tip to heel strengthens horizontal support and stability, effectively preventing torsion and rollover.

30 Day Returns Official Product Secure Payment
30 Day Returns Official Product Secure Payment