Practical Evaluation | 361 DVD2 - Suited for All Guards!

In general, it caters well to all types of guards, especially with its quick first-step acceleration!

The entire shoe maintains a low-top design, carrying forward the style of the previous generation—sharp yet smooth!

Constructed with extensive TPU mesh and hot-melt adhesive bonding, the shoe boasts satisfactory strength and breathability.

 After putting them on, being a narrow-footed, low-arch, flat-footed individual wearing size 11, the fit is just right, with no size deviation! The shoe last design still suits narrow feet, with a slightly lower height, making it less friendly for those with high arches and wide feet. When statically worn, it presents a noticeable center of gravity with a low front and high back, resulting in a strong court feel!

  •  Cushioning-wise: it feels overall resilient. With a weight of 170 pounds, I hoped for a bit more softness. Landing on the forefoot provides a subtle feedback of bounce, but the predominant sensation is still the court feel. The rearfoot is relatively bouncy, allowing movement, but each time I land after grabbing a rebound, it still feels rather firm! Overall, it belongs to the category where resilience surpasses bounce and softness, suitable for guards with medium to small body weight!

  •  Wrap-wise: it's very snug with a full-on compression feel! There's almost no room for foot movement inside. The forefoot shoe surface remains somewhat rigid, requiring some bending and breaking in. The midfoot is fine, and the heel doesn't slip; it can be described as solid all-around!


  • Torsional resistance: it's moderately high horizontally, requiring some effort whether folding or twisting. At least psychologically, it feels very secure!
  •  Anti-rollover: with a lower center of gravity in the forefoot and a prominent TPU border in the midsole, the risk of rolling over is significantly reduced. The specifics depend on your ankle strength!

  •  Breathability: clear feedback, excellent heat dissipation, no issues of stuffiness. The extensive TPU mesh material across the entire shoe provides outstanding breathability, and normal sweating occurs after playing a game! There's not much more to say!

    • Traction: quite outstanding, it stops on a dime without dragging! In short, quick stops and starts are not a problem; the brakes are quick, responsive, and the breakthroughs are particularly enjoyable!

    •  Foot-shoe integration: firstly, the shoe surface has a strong driving force; secondly, the natural flex point of the forefoot is reasonable, and the midsole's anti-twist piece plays a supportive and assisting role! Therefore, running feels very smooth, with no disjointed situations! Every step feels natural, and the grounded flight is not exaggerated! Ideal for agile guards running all over the court!

    In summary, it continues the philosophy of the previous generation, tailored for narrow-footed guards. It inherits strengths, improves shortcomings, and balances various performance aspects uniformly. It's not a specialized product and suits all types of guards. Especially with its quick first-step acceleration, believe me, no matter what style of guard you are, as long as you have narrow feet, you can find what you're looking for in this pair of shoes!