The Daily Burn: Best shoe for Stability/Heel strikers


Your feet may need some TLC after a day of simply carrying you from place to place. Throw in running a few miles or putting in work at the gym and a few aches could kick in (pun intended). Unless, of course, you have the right sneakers.

A good pair of shoes will cushion and protect your feet in all the right spots, which in turn, can prevent injuries elsewhere, like your ankles, knees or hips. Often times, you need different footwear to fit your workout, too. For instance, a sturdy sole will help with lateral movements during a HIIT class, while sneakers that provide some pep in your step will help propel you through a long run.

No matter what your movement of choice — from road warrior to gym rat to trail blazer — we found the right sneakers for you.

The Daily Burn rates the 361-Strata as the best shoe for Stability/Heel strikers

Best for: Stability for heel strikers
If you’re prone to over pronation (when your foot rolls inward during a run), check out the ( 361strata )These kicks will help keep your gait in a neutral position, so you can sidestep aches and pains. Even better, the thickness of the heel will keep your feet from throbbing as you max out on mileage. ($150,

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