About Us


One Degree Beyond is about more than just shoes. It’s a rally cry familiar to all achievers. And one that resonates with human aspiration. It’s a challenge. To do more. To see more of the world. To push yourself in every aspect of life. With 361 Degrees, don’t just run farther, faster, go One Degree Beyond.

Our Passion

Running is our passion. It's the core of our business. However, it's not just about selling shoes. We are dedicated to going ONE DEGREE BEYOND. The 361 Degrees team is built of passionate runners of all levels and abilities who just want to bring that love of running to everyone around them. To share this passion, we have teamed up with You Run This Town Foundation, Orange County, CA, a nonprofit who is committed to developing the next generation of leaders. Through our partnership with YRTTF, We are working with local youth learning center, Providing workshops like 'how to sell yourself' and 'what it takes to start a business' to organizing a run group that will compete in their first ever 5k race in  a couple of weeks. We want to not only share our knowledge and life lessons as a collected group but to inspire a younger generation to take up running.


You Run This Town Foundation is a registered 501(c) 3 non-profit public charity founded by passionate individuals who witness first-hand the challenges of underserved youth to find clear and stable path to become empowered citizens. You Run This Town Foundation delivers enrichment workshop, internships, and scholarships to enable our most vulnerable youth to prepare for a career success, encourage higher education achievement, and boost confidence to remain thriving, vibrant community members and become our future leaders.