Having already built some of the most iconic running shoes in the industry, it’s rare that an opportunity should present itself to “do it better.” But, this is what happened when Otto Lin met with longtime friend and footwear collaborator Jim Monahan to discuss the possibilities.

Armed with new foam and construction technology, along with the support and strength of international athletic brand 361 Degrees, the two began to design a shoe combining the freedom of minimalist ideals with the comfort and protection of traditional running shoes.

After extensive testing at Heeluxe Labs in Santa Barbara, CA, the new foam was branded QU!KFOAM for its responsive properties and amazing ability to maintain consistent cushioning and comfort. To provide better shock dispersion and flexibility, QU!KFOAM was utilized in a layering system that appropriately named itself QDP for its quick, dynamic, performance. Finally, a commitment to fit and feel for a better running experience cemented a construction philosophy that would become a mantra forever moving forward.

The result was the award winning 361-Sensation which launched 361USA into the upper echelon of running and athletic footwear manufacturing. A line of performance product followed, taking the industry by storm and pushing both elite and recreational athletes beyond expectations.

The team has grown rapidly to include passionate people who encourage each other every day to “do it better.” The commitment is simple: Continue to challenge the status quo, engage the athletic community and provide the best performance product that keeps us all going One Degree Beyond.