361-Spinject awarded "BEST DEBUT" from Competitor Running

This fall’s running road shoe lineup is about as consistent as a pile of autumn leaves: varied with something for everyone. You can find anything from flyweight supple racers to sturdy and waterproof trail stompers. Some are bare-bones with zero drop. Others are thick and pillow-like. Here’s our take on the best of the season’s offerings.


The Spinject is 361 Degrees best all-around shoe to date and ran as one of the better all-around shoes on the market, making it an excellent everday trainer. The responseive neutral cushioning was "wonderfully greater then average," especially in the forefoot-but it didn't overdo it to the point of making the shoe rigid or otherwise impeding the flexibility enjoyed by our test team. The seamless knit upper and supple, unobtrusive tongue were the biggest call-outs of the Spinject, especially with the added midfoot security of a soft internal webbing incorporated into the upper package.

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