Weartesters- First Look at the 361-Mazer

361° has been making HUGE strides in running lately (see?) so it only followed that their basketball line would try and keep up. Introducing the Mazer, the brand’s first shoe in the new line utilizing the same Qu!kFoam midsole foam as the Strata and Spire runners, the Mazer stiffens up for stability but still has bounce and response. The midsole also has a slight rocker effect, giving the shoe a “rolling” feeling as the transition goes from heel to forefoot. It takes what the designers know from running and applies it to basketball. The upper is similar to the Nike Hyperlive (review coming SOON), very Hyperfuse-ish, but is soft and flexible in all the right spots with just enough glue overlay to stiffen the high wear areas.


Probably the best part, besides the cushioning, is the tongue; it has some serious fat padding with a notched middle for ankle mobility. Traction is a flat pattern which could cause some problems on dust floors — not a lot of variation to bite the floor — but the rubber is soft so it may surprise.


361° has been making some high performers, and so far, the Mazer looks to follow. These will see court time today with a full performance review coming ASAP. Take a look at these shots and let us know what you think in the “what you think” section below.

361 USAComment