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Award Winner: Best Buy
"One degree beyond" is the 361° motto. The Sensation is their high-mileage trainer, and it hits the sweet spot of being moderately cushioned and stable while also feeling responsive. That energizing feel comes thanks to a proprietary midsole compound—a foam and rubber blend—that comprises the sockliner and the first layer under the foot. Stability comes from a layer of firmer foam working in tandem with the plastic bridge under the arch. The segmented outsole isolates landing forces and allows for impressive forefoot flex. Despite being leery of a new brand, testers were won over by the shoe's fit, stability, and balanced cushioning. Bottom Line: High-end performance at a moderate price.

Runner's World Wear Testers Say

"A surprisingly comfortable, light, and durable training shoe. Cushioning was well apportioned throughout—not too thick or thin. It felt solid and stable without being stiff or constrictive like some overly supportive shoes. Seems to be built with strong, flexible materials as well."

 Kevin Sayers of East Lansing, Michigan

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