Run Haven "361 Knocks it out of the park"

U.S. Newcomer 361° Knocks It out of the Park with the Sensation


The RunHaven team had a blast testing out 361°’s running shoe — the Sensation. After training in this running-specific shoe, we also learned that 361° doesn’t just do running shoes — they also have clothing, sports gear and shoes for just about every sport. They have it all.

361 Sensation — $120, 11oz, 9mm drop

Our expert Adam’s take: While rather new to the U.S. running shoe market, 361° is no newbie to building top-end running shoes. And the advanced, encapsulated foam blend combines with EVA to give the Sensations a midsole that distinguishes this burly trainer because it manages to be both firm and flexible. A solid shoe with outstanding shock attenuation and cushioning, the Sensation makes a great high-mileage training shoe that performs well at a variety of speeds. The breathable mesh upper is comfortable and laces up securely. The blown rubber in the outsole disperses the ground impact.

Laura’s take: I had never heard of this brand before but enjoyed running in the Sensation. If the pink color doesn’t stop you, check out what this shoe has to offer. With lots of cushion, you sink into a soft ride that feels great after long distances. The heel is a bit higher than I’m used to, but after a few runs I felt adjusted to the height. They’re super lightweight, making them an ideal performance shoe.

Natalie’s take: These shoes are among my favorites. They’re not too soft or too firm. I feel as comfortable in this shoe doing speedwork as I did on a long run. Although the shoe is technically categorized as a stability shoe, I didn’t feel it was overly supportive. The upper has a lot of design pieces, which I am usually a little cautious of (I’ve been burned by tons of bruising from plastic pieces before), but I didn’t even notice it in these shoes. The shoes fit like a glove and are a welcome addition high up in my shoe rotation.

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