361-QU!K FIX 9" 2N1 SHORT: Midnight

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361-QU!K FIX 9" 2N1 SHORT: Midnight
361-QU!K FIX 9" 2N1 SHORT: Midnight
361-QU!K FIX 9" 2N1 SHORT: Midnight
361-QU!K FIX 9" 2N1 SHORT: Midnight

Not just one short but two shorts in one performance package. Inner fitted liner short stays secure while outer lightweight short is relaxed and comfortable with mesh panels for improved ventilation.

  • 4-way stretch woven outer short 361-LITE-FLEX fabric is lightweight and anti-static
  • Side zippered pocket with lockdown zipper
  • Mesh inset side splices and yoke
  • Saddle gusset panel to prevent short ride-up and enhance fit
  • Boxer liner inside
  • 9” Inseam (outer short)


        An EVA rubber blend that provides an amazing combination of cushioning and responsiveness.  Proven to maintain the same high level of energy return and long lasting comfort throughout the life of the shoe.


        Utilized both internally and/or externally to wrap and secure mid-foot fit while alleviating unnecessary motion and keeping the foot running
        in comfort. 


        Anatomical pattern and super soft materials effectively remove pressure to the ankle during dorsiflexion.  Thin padding is also positioned to
        avoid stress to top of the foot.


        Designed using our proprietary foam material.  Molded to provide immediate step-in comfort and increase cushioning while in motion. 

        QU!K SPINE

        Fabricated out of extremely strong yet lightweight carbon fiber.  This plate acts as a stabilizing force during mid-stance as the foot prepares itself for propulsion. The shaft also acts to maintain the integrity of the midsole to delay breakdown.


        Developed to address the natural movement of the metatarsals in the foot.  Flex grooves are positioned to mimic the motion of the foot to provide more natural and balanced toe-off. Enhanced ground contact designed for better traction and acceleration.

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