Perfect your Runfie

Perfect your Runfie

What is a runfie? The running version of a selfie, only so much better. Add a little sweat, scenery and these easy tips and you will be taking the perfect action shots every time.
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If your run isn’t documented with a runfie (the running version of a selfie) did it really happen? 😊 Well, of course it did…but capturing the fantastic, sweaty moment with all your friends makes it so much more fun. Follow these easy tips and take the perfect Strava photo every time:

Step 1: Find a good spot to prop up your phone

  • Use whatever surface you can find along the way that helps capture the scene – benches, fences, rocks…or in this case a random tire

Step 2: Set your phone to video mode and press record

  • Have someone stand in the frame to make sure they aren’t too close, or far away from the camera and then join them in the shot
  • Next, dance around like idiots striking multiple poses a second to make sure you get the perfect shot

Step 3: Review your awesome video, laugh at yourselves and find the best frame

  • View the video in edit mode so you can manually scroll through the images frame-by-frame to find the perfect pose, smile, high five, moment when everyone has their eyes open etc.
  • Once selected take a screenshot of your favorite frame and crop out the edit bar at the bottom of the screen. Voila!


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