Boost your Performance Naturally

Boost your Performance Naturally

No need to buy expensive supplements, try these all-natural ingredients for a daily dose of goodness.
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To keep your body operating at its peak, and ready for the next big workout, it’s important to fuel with the right ingredients. However, getting the right nutrition to keep you performing at your best can be a little overwhelming. There are a million and one supplements on the market and they all seem to offer some sort of miracle in a bottle. Instead of buying expensive over the counter remedies, try these natural ingredients for a daily dose of goodness. To make life even easier, you can throw most of these into a smoothie for a super boost!

1.     Beets

Sick of drinking poo brown smoothies thanks to a combo of blueberries and spinach? Add a small raw beet to your smoothie for a pop of vibrant color and an infusion of nitrates and vitamin C. Your body uses nitrates (which convert to nitric acid) to improve blood flow and help your muscles to consume oxygen more efficiently.1 This translates into more power and stamina for your long workouts.

2.     Maca Root

This super root can help boost fertility and endurance due to its ability to regulate hormones in our bodies, especially testosterone. Having more balanced hormones can result in increased strength and endurance in athletes. Macca also stimulates the adrenal gland which helps provide energy and stamina. A multi-tasking super food!

3.     Turmeric

To help reduce how stiff and sore you feel after your workouts consider adding turmeric to your daily smoothie, oatmeal or make a turmeric latte. Turmeric is known to reduce inflammation in the body and studies have shown that it may help increase muscle recovery time.

4.     Pumpkin seeds

Throw a handful of pumpkin seeds into a smoothie, or mix them in to your oatmeal or salad to help get the most out of your meal. These little gems contain 1.5 times more protein than most other nuts. They can also help calm anxiety and pre-race jitters due to the fact that they are rich in magnesium, a calming and soothing mineral.2

5.     Caffeine

My personal favorite. Mmmmmm coffee. There have been numerous studies that have confirmed caffeine can enhance performance for endurance based activates. It has less of an effect on short bursts such as sprinting, but can help you go further without tiring as quickly on longer runs. This is in part because caffeine tells our muscles to burn fat instead of glycogen which helps save up much needed energy for when you need it most…like the last 10k of a marathon.3

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