Cup Chronicle Volume 1, Issue 1

First off, welcome everyone to the first edition of the 361CUP newsletter. The 361° Retailer’s Cup is officially off and running and we are thrilled by the level of excitement and participation taking place on the race course.

We have had multiple teams laugh off the summer heat and post some great times to get the competition started. Make sure to keep a close eye on and #361cup for the latest updates on the team leaderboard. We anticipate lots of movement…

Please remember that The CUP was created to celebrate the sport of running. While divisional wins and money prizes are lofty goals, we want all teams to rekindle their fiery spirit and experience the joy of racing, to have the courage to start and to finish and push themselves ONE DEGREE BEYOND.

Therefore, coming up next month 361° will introduce additional awards to teams that capture moments that exemplify the spirit of competition and the joy of running. Stay tuned for details…

For any of those venturing to the Chicago Marathon please stop by the 361° booth and say “Hi”. Also, please feel free to shoot us any thoughts or messages, we welcome trash talking.

Cheers to all the teams, now get out there and crush some fall races!!


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